About Ned

I’ve been involved in the “internet” since having my first eCommerce store in 2000. For the past 10 years, I have been a domain investor in the Australian namespace, and have bought and sold many domain names and websites for myself and for others. Many people that I have dealt with have been kind enough to leave me testimonials.

I have also written the industry blog Domainer.com.au for a number of years. This has never been a money making opportunity – it is a labour of love. I believe in fairness and proper process, and I’m never afraid to speak my mind (in a constructive manner).

Having been a self-employed entrepreneur for nearly 40 years, my life and business has had many twists and turns. In my earlier years, I was involved in property development, and I made and lost several fortunes along the way. So I’ve experienced both the pleasure of victories, and the pain of defeats. Going down the “gurgler” is never a pleasant experience for anyone (and all parties affected by it), but it’s a great learning experience.

For those interested in a bit of trivia, “Ned” is sort of short for “Hedley”. Most people could never spell my name properly (or thought it was my surname), and an old school mate dubbed me with “Ned” many years ago – and it stuck!

auDA Experience

Domain names are my livelihood, so I decided long ago to participate in as many auDA panels and working groups as possible. This way I can participate in the future of .au.

Recent Times

In February 2017, I acquired three auDA accredited Registrars – Drop.com.au; Fabulous.com.au and Yexa.com.au. My eldest son Luke took over the family business of managing our large domain name portfolio. (Based in Brisbane, he’s doing a great job!).

Towards the end of March, I then got an offer for the registrar businesses, and due to a variety of issues, I decided to accept. So now I am just a semi-retired blogger interested in all things to do with domain names (particularly in Australia)! One thing I really enjoy is mentoring new people to the domain investment industry; as well as providing advice to registrants about domain name policy and practice in Australia.

Currently I’m the Demand Class representative on the newly formed auDA Policy Review Panel, and I’m grateful to have been recognised in this way. The next 12 months will potentially see some of the biggest changes in the .au namespace.


My wife Frances and I have raised two fine sons (now adults), and we love living in Townsville, North Queensland. Frances is a Paramedic with the Queensland Ambulance Service.

Why Vote For Me

I am your quintessential Demand Class candidate having had vast experience in most aspects of the domain industry – including the “dark side” – I’ve even been a registrar! I’m also a “straight shooter” who is not afraid to stand up for all auDA  members.

Now it’s time to stand for the Board. I respectfully seek your support and vote.

Ned O’Meara – 13th October 2017