About Nicole

My reasons for running for election as Director of auDA are very simple.

I have been involved with domains since approximately 1998 when I designed my mother’s website for her business and reserved her domain name as part of that process. I leant to program 31 years ago (don’t do the maths) when my father brought home an Apple IIE. But as I wasn’t a front end coder, it was a learning experience. That got me interested in the rules and regulations that governed the industry (at the time) and the coding languages that were so unique back in the day. From there I moved onto larger projects coding in PHP, HTML, C/C++, JAVA and SQL (Oracle and MYSQL), including working on the E*Trade (German) website and other e-commerce sites. I have worked as a website developer, and worked in SEO.

I was part of the 2015 auDA names panel, and as a result of that, I became interested in the decision making process of auDA. It is something I want to take part in.

The 2015 names panel members were appointed to discuss direct registrations. I was a minority report member. Two years down the track, my position in that respect is unchanged – we cannot answer the question of whether the .au should be opened up without considering how it should be opened up and what policy rules would apply. We need to consider WHY it should be opened up and whether opening it up, under whatever now unknown rules would apply would actually achieve that aim – and what that aim is. I would have also preferred to see a more comprehensive community consultation than what was conducted.

I am keen to increase the membership of auDA, the transparency of auDA and increase the involvement of the community in auDA. We need to increase memberships. Ultimately it is a public resource, and as such it needs to serve the people.

I now work as an Intellectual Property lawyer. I have served as a director in other companies, and that background (and my legal training) gives me knowledge of corporate governance and good practice.

Because I am a lawyer and work in trade mark dispute matters, I am often accused of being anti-monetisation. That is simply not correct. I represent clients who are rights holders as well as clients who simply want to openly trade without intimidation from trade mark holders. I am keen to have the .au domain space used by the community and believe in monetisation of domains. But, yes, I say that there does need to be some fair “rules of play” involved.

Please vote for me as Demand class Director at this year’s AGM. I promise you that I will listen to you, especially when we disagree, I will ask you your views even when you are quiet, and I will represent your views honestly to the Board.

You can read more about my background on LinkedIn.

If you have any questions on my where I stand and what I want to achieve then feel free to contact me.