Our Thoughts On Direct Registration

We were both on the auDA 2015 Names Panel, and part of the Minority Report that did not agree with the need for direct registrations. Two years later we are even more convinced of this. It will effectively be a “double tax” on existing registrants – and an unnecessary “cash grab” by some.

  • Causes confusion in the market place
  • Distracts from a premium domain
  • Possible unfair implementation
  • Forces registrants to “defensively register” domains
  • However, we do realise that there are some who have a different point of view to ourselves. Those that are in favour of direct registration. To them we say this. We respect your point of view – but we’d hope you’d agree and believe in proper process being followed. Our consistent position is that if auDA contacts every single registrant of an .au domain name and gives them the opportunity to “have a say” about introducing direct registrations (with full facts as to costs and implications), then we will accept the majority view. This hasn’t been done to date – and it should be. We must ensure that the decision is truly representational, and not a veiled attempt at pushing an agenda.
  • If a full and proper consultation is not done, we commit to try and overturn the existing direct registration decision at Board level.
  • If we are unsuccessful, then we’ll do our best to ensure that existing com.au registrants are protected and afforded priority rights. Why com.au registrants as opposed to any other .au extension? Because com.au holds approximately 90% of all domains in Australia.
Better Transparency / More Communication
  • auDA is a membership organisation. It is accountable to a range of stakeholders, including both the “Supply” and “Demand” sides of the internet community within Australia. Nothing is more important to us than proper process.
  • auDA members therefore have a right to be regularly informed about the decisions and workings of their Board of Directors, and the CEO and Senior Management.
  • Comprehensive and timely Minutes should be published on the auDA website.
  • Interactive communication is a necessity. This includes a website where members can post questions to management and the Board.
  • Forensic reports about past events need to be released in full (and dealt with if necessary). The blame games and innuendo need to stop.
Proper And Effective Growth
  • We believe that there is great opportunity for all sides of the internet community in Australia to prosper.
  • There needs to be far less red tape for registrants, registrars and resellers. This process is now underway with the recently formed Policy Review Panel, and we look forward to helping enable sensible recommendations if we are elected.
  • Wholesale costs need to be examined, as it seems to us that there also needs to be a fairer distribution of  “the pie”.
  • Memberships should be encouraged. Every registrant of a domain name should automatically be entitled to be a free member of auDA (opt-in our opt-out model). This will increase membership numbers, and create a better internet community. Canada does this successfully in their internet space. – “Applying for membership is easy, free and open to any .CA holder.”
  • We’d like to see no more “them and us” mentality (as in Supply and Demand members). Having two types of memberships creates a divide. Let’s work together for the good of the domain space instead of against each other. We need to focus on pushing the space forward, not on acting against whatever the “other side” wants.