“Although I have only known Ned for a relatively short time, he does display a dogged determination and unrelenting persistence to protect the rights of domain name owners right across Australia. It’s for this reason that I support his election to the auDA Board.”

Jeff Marr, Gold Coast

Founder of Lottery.com.au; Former Co-Founder of Bookmaker.com.au and OMG.com.au (Online Marketing Group)

“I’ve known Ned for nearly ten years, and during that time he’s shown that he is a man of principle and conviction.

He’s an ideal candidate, and I strongly recommend that Demand Class members get behind him.”

Andrew Wright,

Marketing Project Manager, Brisbane

Linux Australia, Inc is delighted to endorse Nicole Murdoch’s nomination to be elected as a Demand Class Director of auDA.

Nicole’s unique skillset in both information technology and intellectual property make her an ideal candidate to tackle the challenges auDA is now confronting.

Her desire to ensure effective governance, transparency and openness align closely with Linux Australia’s own values. She will be a strong asset to the auDA board.”

Kathy Reid,


“Ned, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the 10 years of friendship and the business relations we have had.

I believe you are the most honest hard working person I know in the domain industry, and your knowledge is without doubt the best and most highly suited to be a demand class director on the AUDA Board.

There is hardly a person in the domain industry who does not know you, and with all the proposed changes coming to au space, I would rather have you making sure we get it right.”

Don Rankin

Accommodation @ Australia Pty LtdRankin Family Trust

“AusCERT (a member of auDA) supports Nicole Murdoch’s application for Demand Class Director at auDA.

Mike Holm, Operations Manager at AusCERT, makes this recommendation based upon his knowledge of Nicole’s experience, passion for the industry and suitability for such a role.

AusCERT views the governance of the .au namespace as extremely important not only for reduction in cybercrime but also to encourage investment in Australian organisations.

Mike Holm

Operations Manager - AusCERT | Protecting organisations from cyber threats since 1993

“I first worked with Ned on the 2012 auDA Industry Advisory Panel. During that process, and over the proceeding years, I’ve found Ned to be a passionate, informed and collaborative contributor to the Australian Domain Name community.

Ned’s ability to negotiate and consider multiple scenarios and options, while also fearlessly standing up for matters of principle, make him an ideal candidate for the auDA Board.”

Paul Szyndler,

Former General Manager – International and Government Affairs – auDA

“Over many years, I’ve come to realise Ned’s passion for the .au space is unsurpassable. He has stood up and fought for transparency in our industry many times, and often does so at the expense of his own affairs.

I’ve been an auDA member for 7 years, and I think Ned is exactly what the organization needs. He would make an excellent Director – and I endorse him wholeheartedly.”

Richard Green,

Technical Lead – IE Digital - Melbourne

“As a colleague of Ned’s for many years, I’ve been inspired by his enthusiasm, dedication, work ethic, and willingness to invest whatever it takes to protect and grow the Australian domain name space.

I would recommend Ned as an auDA Director, without any hesitation, and would feel very confident that the future of our industry would be in safe and experienced hands.”

Jen Sale,

Co-Founder – Evergreen.com

“Since joining auDA as a demand class member I feel that not much open communication has occurred between its members and the auDA organisation. There needs to be much more transparency with the things that are going on, especially now that direct implementation of .au at the second level might be occurring.

I feel that at times, the only way I seem to get anything out with what’s happening is when I access the forums or read the news. I feel that Ned O’Meara is a good communicator, expresses things opinions openly, professionally and directly & in a non-biased way to all who own Australian domain names.

I believe that auDA board needs someone like Ned, & I would happily endorse him as a demand class Director.

Sincerely Yours,”

Erwin Groen,


““There will never be a nominee with a greater history of advocacy for transparency and accountability within auDA than Ned O’Meara.”

Scott Long,


“Ned tirelessly fights for the integrity of the .au domain space. I’ve found him to be trustworthy, transparent and honest, dealing with difficult issues head on. Traits which should be prevalent in the .au Administration.

He is one of the most passionate and knowledgable people about the .au domain space, and looks for the best outcome for all stakeholders. Having experience on both the demand and supply side, I believe Ned is well positioned for auDA directorship and will help steer the ship in the right direction.”

Nikki Scholes,

Operations Manager - NETFLEET